Get rid of those pesky viruses.

Virus removal and computer optimisation is the most popular service that QUIKTEK offers. In a world that increasingly functions on the internet, encountering malware and viruses is almost completely unavoidable. It takes one inattentive click on an email or webpage to get infected and getting rid of such an infection often means quite some time spent in front of the computer purposefully hunting down the infection. Infections can sometimes be difficult to remove and often also slow down the computer so much that it can become virtually unusable.

Quiktek saves you the pain.

Drop the infected machine off for an overnight fixed fee virus removal and optimisation service. A round R400 will get your machine as close to good as new as can be. You bring the machine and the magic happens overnight. The next day you can come and collect your machine. If there are any really pesky things that might require it to remain a little longer, you will be informed and there won’t be any charges beyond the R400 overnight fee. If something physical is wrong with the machine that is hardware related, you will be quoted on the parts required.

Call Antowan today to arrange your service.

Please call or WhatsApp Antowan on 076 5565 080 to arrange a drop off. You can also email to arrange it.

Important Terms and conditions

Sometimes a virus infection can be impossible to remove or may require a full format of a machine. Especially with encryption viruses it might be the only solution. QUIKTEK is not responsible for any data loss during the virus removal process. If you have critical data, it is incumbent on you to make the necessary backups. This said, QUIKTEK does take the effort to try and save all data where possible.

Some of the anti-virus programs we make use of: Kaspersky | Avast