Quiktek has a number of computer hardware brands on offer for special order. Let us know what it is you may need and a quote can be generated for you to compare and decide on.

Displays / Monitors

Be it a big monitor or a small sales terminal. Whatever it is you needs, be sure to ask QUIKTEK for a quote today.

PC chassis

From a normal office computer chassis to a high end gaming chassis. QUIKTEK can provide you with the one you need.


Business to gaming, QUIKTEK has them all. Call today!

Computer memory

Sometimes all you need is a little more memory to make that machine a little faster. Computer need love too. ;o)

Optical drives

From ordinary DVD to Blu-Ray and maybe even more advanced. QUIKTEK should be your first port of call.

Hard drives and Solid state drives

From the mainstays to the latest storage technology, QUIKTEK offers you a world of choice on demand. Call today!

Peripherals, keyboards, pointing devices, mice etc.

Office keyboards and mice or gaming keyboards and mice, palm ball tech, 3D orbs or whatever, ask QUIKTEK for a good price.