Avast LogoOne thing I love about Avast is its simple interface. If you are a user that doesn’t want too much involvement with your security software then Avast is brilliant! You can choose how much it should handle automatically or not. It does keep you informed but doesn’t bug the user too much.

It is a very thourough scanner that has one of the best infection detection engines on the market. It has an emerging threat feature that uses algorithms to detect unknown bugs that might not have been detected yet by solutions centres.

The browser protection is fantastic and you shouldn’t be too concerned about malware extensions using this product as it tracks those too. The password management solution is great and is handy for folks using multiple sites but hate having to remember all the different password. An added level of security.

Working with money is much safer as it will protect you against fake banking sites and untrustworthy security certificates and more.

Privacy is a big deal in the security industry and Avast offers top tier privacy protection. One of the very best! This goes hand in hand with spam and dangerous email. Avast helps you with those too.

All and all a wonderful program that I recommend for clients who want a total solution that is super easy to implement.

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