About me

My name is Antowan Nothling. I wear two hats. I am a voice artist who also does computer support. I have been doing both for many many years. Since I was a kid I have had a passion for radio and computers.

I started out as a radio presenter in late 1994 while still at school and worked on quite a few stations over the years before moving to strictly voice-over work and computer support.

The stations I worked at:
Rippel 90.5
Tuks FM
Kosmos Digitaal
Kosmos Namibia
Jacaranda FM

I started tinkering with computers when I was still in primary school. When I reached university I worked at student radio but also did some network administration work at the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Pretoria for extra money. I studied BCom at the time. I also helped the university as an assistant across all departments with the rollout of distance education software and training for faculty.

I am married and have two kids. A son and daughter. The main reason I prefer to work from home.