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I have a three year old son who loves to watch YouTube videos. As a parent the concern in giving kids free reign at such a young age is that they will stumble upon content which is risqué and possibly damaging to their young minds. I have to say I am quite impressed with Google’s recommendations in response to the things he watches. None of it was out of line. Here and there the results are of poor quality and one can filter those out when one spots them. Never however have the recommendations been of poor taste. Kudos to YouTube for setting their algorithm up so efficiently and kid safe.

I have to add, and this is important, I use logged in YouTube sessions. We have two tablets a few laptops and desktop computers around the house. Plus phones of course. All of the YouTube sessions are done using my login account. Why? So that I can see at any time what is being watched. I can also remove stuff I think is poor quality from the history list. This helps Google to optimise YouTube and not include those videos in future…

In the United States there is a new app available for iOS and Android devices that is kid safe. Youtube Kids it is called. It is however not available in South African app stores yet. The normal app however, I found, does a VERY good job of filtering bad content.

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